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Michel Maffesoli

The hour of villain already has reached... Exceeded value. . . good, at the France man M. Maffezoli.

Michel Maffesoli,La Part du diable.

Precis de subversion postmoderne


If the battle of ideas in France of our days are at the end in half darkness of ideological dulling, this perhaps                                                        happens because intellectuals and writers want they do good and claim that good they have and in mind.Good                                                  however is a exceeded value! What it dares supports with self-confidence the Michel Maffezoli, sociologist perspicuous,                                  prophet in his time, it diagnosed first the distribution in races of modern societies, facetious occasionally and open in the                                 challenges, it is enough they irritate the curiosity in the Sorbonne it supported the thesis of astrologer Elizabeth Tessie.                                    Explorer of his season studies with undiminished interest the culture of reeve party, the reality that appears the television,                                 the whistling when is heard the Messaliotida in the Stage of France,  and place the following simple and easy opinion where                           is closes a circle, the circle that was founded in the award good as absolute value. The end of season in other words it is the                           end of season: the modernism that began the 5th m.x century with the holy Augustin, it in exhales in his gulves after wards                                modernism! That is to say, as explains the Mafezoli, the values above in which was built the world that we know for thousand                           five hundred years have saturated ! and mainly the significance of progress, the objective to which tend all the societies: the                            work as categorical cheque through which could each one realize. The raison of the existence life that will be supposed it                                 dictates our individual and social life. These fabricated arguments give from see also their place in new requirements, as it                             becomes explicit through the hedonism of washing situation the smoulder situation of ferocity and a calmly animal situation,                             things that we meet daily front us for one decade. The Maffezoli enumerates these new forms of boil over social reality of                                 exaggeration, as are the phenomena of search of mass identity through the reeve party a variant of Bacchus feasts that                                   describes the Euripides ( Greek philosopher ) but also the reality that is expressed through the television, that that denies it                             accepts that they are only waste. This new elements of social life worry the thinking persons, because they would make possibly                     it goes up in the surface the piece of shade that each one from us hides in his. E, and therefore, be sarcastic o Maffezoli.                                 And if the said villain it should it is incorporated in our life as all the other? Pages with imagination and boldness. ( ! ! ! )                                    The place of Maffezoli is simple: the villain is not neither something radically real neither something absolute. It is in found us,                          present each moment. It is our precise effigy that us it structures also he is something with which we are condemned to coexist.                      How fights no one adversely in villain? First-first recognizing the existence in us. Then with from clear from this paranoiac situation,                 that in her bigger part is maintained from J u d a e a n – C h r i s t i a n i s ethics . . . and the philosophy of Marx, according to                           that we could find solutions in all: interrupt our relations with the logic it should, this mocker logic that murmurs that it should we                        are the one or the other, happy or satisfied, blackened from the sun, muscular, sad or serious. . . In this Dionysian wisdom us                          invites the Maffezoli through pages full imagination and boldness. The season precisely that some bodies would want us they                          make believe in the existence of axis of villain, a diabolical achieved book .